Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 Crucial Elements To Writing A Good Guest Post Pitch

Guest posting is a regular part of the average bloggers career. An effective means of increasing your visibility and gaining new readers, there is no faster way of promoting yourself than landing a post or two at a hit website. Especially as a freelancer, when your success is based around being seen by as many people as possible.
But to get that slot you have to give a good pitch. Which is a difficult prospect for most, as the competition is just as high as for paid work, sometimes more so. Here are three crucial elements to writing a good guest post to land you the job.
  1. Introductions - You have to catch attention right from the start, which means capturing their interest from the introduction. Start by addressing the person by name, if you can. Whether it is the blog owner or editor, personalization is helpful. Next, introduce yourself briefly. Within a few sentences you should give a bit of information about yourself.
  2. Expressed Interest - Now, you should focus on why it is you want to work for this blog in particular. How long have you been reading it? How passionate are you about the subject? Why are you a good fit? You need to convince them that you are eager.
  3. Qualifications - Finally, we have your qualifications. What makes you genuinely qualified to work there? Show your work experience or knowledge of the topic. Provide samples of past work, preferably within the same genre. Give references of past clients.
Good Guest Post Pitch Infographic
That's it! If you follow by these three elements of writing a guest post you will be sure to send a good one. With a good pitch you have a chance of getting the job, and we all know the benefits there.
The guest blogging pith infographic is courtesy of MyBlogGuest Infographics gallery.